Features our original two mixing baffle design, which improves the both coating process and efficiency, while providing a well coated product. An aluminium heat plate is used for optimal heat control and also eliminates hot spots. An adjustable digital display and control is designed to both measure actual product temperature and obtain precise temperature settings. An audible alarm indicates when the desired ideal temperature is reached.

The stainless steel mixing bowl, agitator blade and pedestal are durable and easy to clean. The CMD 25 can be purchased as a component, or it can be combined with a Cretors Pedestal popper and frame with stainless steel receiving tray/table to create a small caramel corn popping plant. The corn chute allows easy transferring of coated products between receiving tray and storage containers. The optional custom built cooling bin has built in blowers, which blow cool air up through the perforated steel tray bottom, while cooling the coated corn more rapidly and speeding up the production process.