• Detectors located inside the cabinet quickly detect fire.
  • Fire suppressant is discharged from multiple locations inside the cabinet to ensure rapid flame knockdown.
  • Power source is automatically shut off.
  • UL listed machine meets KNLZ and KNKG standard.
  • Available for 3, 4, 5 and 6 ft Twin cabinets
  • ANSUL activation not included

Ventless Hood by Giles® Food Service Equipment

Cretors partnered with Giles Foodservice Equipment, the premier manufacturer of the Ventless Recirculating Hood System, to create a popcorn machine that does not require expensive hood exhausting ducting. Three stage filter system includes a baffle grease filter, electrostatic filter, and Polysorb® filter. The ventless hood limits the emission of grease-laden air to the room in accordance with NFPA 96.

  • The Cretors popper with Ventless Hood is available with the ANSUL Fire Suppression System and is the first popper in the industry that has passed the KNKG UL test, making it one of the safest and most reliable machines.
  • The innovative hood design incorporates Ventless Recirculating technology that expands your food service capabilities in areas with limited space.
  • The Giles Foodservice Equipment Air Filtration System provides one of the most efficient air filtration systems in the industry.
  • Using UL’s EPA-202 test method, this machine limits the emission of grease-laden air to the room in accordance with NFPA 96.
  • The Ventless Recirculating Hood System is designed to fit directly on top of the 3, 4, 5 and 6 ft Diplomat and Mach 5 popping cabinets. No minimum cabinet width is required.
  • Available with 32, 48 and 60 oz kettles.
  • Both ANSUL and Ventless Hood options can be manufactured separately or together for the Mach 5 and Diplomat machines