The Sephra Commercial Waffle Ball Maker will produce twenty five Waffle Balls every 2 minutes. This high quality Waffle Ball Maker is perfect for Kiosks, Buffets and Restaurants.

These bite sized Waffle Balls have recently become popular around the world. Both adults and children have enjoyed making and tasting the novelty snack, and now they’re beginning to hit consumers in store.

With a fantastic profit margin, the ability to decorate to suit seasons and the fact that this sweet treat is verging on a world wide craze, there really never has been a better time to buy your business a Commercial Waffle Ball Maker.

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Stainless steel casing, non-stick coated aluminum baking plate, fix mounted, on/off switch, digital timer, pilot light, thermostat, height-adjustable feet. For 25 pieces Ø40 mm.