Add to the spiciness in your food and make it extra sharp and flavorsome.

The Jalapeño Chile Pepper is arguably the most famous chili pepper in the world!!! Chile which is prized for its warm, burning sensation when eaten. Did you know in the American Southwest chili peppers represent a sense of place, warmth and friendliness. Across Arizona, Old Mexico, New Mexico and Texas, families hang clusters of peppers called Chili Ristras welcoming friends and family to their homes. And we welcome you! Whether you spell it Chile, Chili, or Chilies, what really matters is how these chile peppers tickle your taste buds!


  • Brand: American Specialty
  • Origin: Mexico
  • Net Weight: 3000g
  • Drained Weight: 1900g
  • Packing: 6 x 3000g