Extra creamy and extra delicious to relish different Mexican cuisine.

A mild and friendly sauce with a subtle tang from sharp cheddar; creamy, velvety and  Yellowish in color. Cheddar Cheese Sauce is widely used in TexMex cuisine across the globe, but well know when it comes to Nachos. A popular starter served on every table of the restaurant in Mexico. TIP: Try with Steamed or sautéed veggies; baked potatoes; open-faced roast beef sandwiches; hot cooked macaroni or penne. For Your Health: This slimmed-down sauce boasts a fraction of the fat you’d find in regular or processed cheese sauces. Nacho Cheese Sauce is our signature sauce for Nachos


  • Brand: American Specialty
  • Certification: Halal Certified (need to use halal logo)
  • Origin: USA
  • Net Weight: 50 oz
  • Packing: 24 x 50 oz